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Some attorneys reduce their mission statement to just a few words – for example, “To become the premier personal injury law firm in the Pacific Northwest.” While such statements may show ambition, they provide no meaningful information about either the attorneys or their firm.

A lawyer since 1978, Andy has prosecuted criminals, defended insurance companies and their insureds, and represented injured persons with substantial damage claims. Regardless of the exact nature of the case or who he represents, however, Andy understands that the interests of the client should always be paramount. For this reason, his “mission statement” collectively consists of the following:

  • To treat clients with dignity and respect (partly because the system likely will not);

  • To keep clients reasonably informed regarding all significant developments in their case;

  • To always give honest advice to clients (even if what they need to hear and want to hear are not the same thing);

  • To have genuine empathy for clients;

  • To be a zealous (but at all times ethical) advocate for clients;

  • To strive for the best possible outcome for clients; and

  • To earn every client’s lasting trust and confidence.