At least, one woman director must be appointed by the company. The Scope Management Plan is included in which of the following documents.

Which of the following is not an inventory?

Total revenues exceed projected costs. The Office of the Development Commissioner (Small Scale Industries) is also known as the………………..

………………..continues to implement its various programmes and projects throughout the country to assist the SSI units.

Which of the following is the most efficient means of product quality inspection?

b. The number of people who are not actively seeking work. Your IP: Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Q8. The following is (are) the machine down time. The cash and equivalents, inventories and accounts receivables are classified as. During the 3 immediately preceding FYs or during Curr ent Financial Year (CFY).

In regard to making those assumptions, which one of the following is most true for project, 13. The vice president is also not an outside director. An individual who initiates, creates and manages a new business can be called _____________.

Q3. A prerequisite of effective time management is: (A) Knowing the dictated project completion date, (B) Having the most advanced software package for project planning, scheduling and control, (C) Having a good project WBS which identifies the major project deliverables and tasks, and the person responsible for each of them, (D) Having a well staffed scheduling department.

Q5. Q21.

Analysis and evaluation, 4. Takes part in the incorporation of a company.

exercising due care.

Q9. The ……………….. is a statutory body created by an Act of Parliament in April 1957. Detection Risk Personnel Policies and Practices.

Satisfying the contractual obligations, Summary of project tasks , deliverables and resources required.


Life Cycle Costing is a term that is: 1. used when making decisions between alternatives, 2. employed principally by the government, 3. typically used in the construction industry. The Scope Statement should contain which of the following? Engagements may be performed in the vice Vision and problem solving skills. Q12. Earnings are the result of the difference between.

No c. Yes, GM- SR d.Yes, GM- UR 41. 3. The board of directors represents the shareholders. example of what type of skill and knowledge?

Role of various national and state agencies which render assistance to small scale The Office of the Development Commissioner (Small Scale Industries) is also known as the……………….. Answer :  Small Industry Development Organization (SIDO). The accounts payable, accruals and notes payables are listed on balance sheet as, Q4.

Q16. Centralized and decentralized are the types of: 3.

Each project phase is marked by completion of one or more: 18.

33. 3.


Which of the following describes a record of the transactions? Which of the following is a financial asset? 35.

Low cost, higher volume items requires: Q19. Marketing, 3. (D) Developing better trouble shooting procedures. The number of people actively seeking work who find work. a.

Q1. If an entrepreneur obtains a commercial bank loan to finance a new venture, s/he is often required to, 13.


At least one director, who has lived in India for a minimum of 182 calendar days of the previous year, shall be appointed by every company’s board. Q6.

Measured quality of a manufactured product is : (C) Subject to a certain amount of variation. As a seller, what other document can be used in this place: 12 During the planning development process, at times it is necessary to make certain assumptions to enhance the project plan, when the data is not available. Family business always interested to handover the change of his business to: Q5. Decisions taken by an entrepreneur on behalf of his enterprise are known as _________.

Inspection, testing and delivery, 9. Required fields are marked *.

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plan. Q20. Non-corporations are taxed as pass-through entities, meaning that.

Goods or services reach the market place through ________.

HGK Ltd. seeks to appoint Mr. Ram as Independent Director.

Q9. A commercial banker would prefer a ____________ debt-equity ratio over the years as it indicates financial strength of a unit.


internal audit activity.

_______________ is the analysis of costs and benefits of a proposed project with the goal of assuming a rational allocation of limited funds. Indian finance corporation and institution. ____________ is primarily concerned with the identification of the project demand potential and the selection of the optimal technology.

Small-business owners develop and use operating procedures so that everyday tasks are performed in. 14.


their overall audit plan, examines the results of external and internal

Which of the following equations represents the balance sheet?

This is an. 2. Nov 22,2020 - Punctuation - Practice (MCQ) | 10 Questions MCQ Test has questions of CAT preparation. Project assumptions are based upon historical data used for the project. Answer: c. MCQ’s Question of Entrepreneurship Development .

C. The shareholders make decisions for the board of directors.

In which of the following project phases is the project schedule developed? b) Product Planning Stage. 19. 16. 10. Which of the following is a direct project cost? 10. A director to be appointed as Independent Director, has or had no pecuniary relation (other than remuneration) > 10% of his total income or amount prescribed by CG with the Company or its Holding, Subsidiary, Associate Co., promoter or director: a.

Institutional finance corporation of India. No c. Yes, GM- SR d. Yes, GM- UR 42.

Q18. Q10.

Balance sheet is a statement which discloses an organization’s. Why should an entrepreneur do a feasibility study for starting a new venture? (AAA ID 1.4) Independent Director on 21 st Dec 2018? control is designed to provide reasonable assurance that, The primary responsibility for establishing and maintaining internal control rests with, Internal controls are designed to provide reasonable assurance that, Which of the following are considered control environment factors? An individual who initiates, creates and manages a new business can be called _____________. Q16. Ethan is conducting __________ analysis. New Small Scale industries are exempted from the payment of income tax under section 80J is called __________. Q8. provides the best reason for performing a revision of the plan?

• Q9. An independent director who has tendered resignation from the Board shall be replaced by a new independent director within ----- from the date of such resignation. Resorce requirement in project becomes constant while the project is in its _____ progress stage.

Q20. management. Your email address will not be published. 30. Mr. Sham brother of Mr. Ram is a deemed Director of a Section 8 Company which holds 6% of the voting power of HGK Ltd. Can Mr. Ra m be so appointed? Following is(are) the responsibility(ies) of the project manager. Large investment is made in fixed assets; the project will be termed as __________. The audit committee may serve several important purposes, some of which directly benefit the internal audit activity. 20. The entrepreneur was distinguished from capital provider in: Q3. _________________ implies the availability or otherwise of plant and machinery and technical know how to produce the product.

The ability to … What is the process by which individuals pursue opportunities without regard to resources they currently control: Q10.


The engineer of the project in the planning phase and makes a significant contribution to the technical scope. Which type of project cost estimate is the most accurate? Why are small businesses important to a country’s economy?

Q11. Which of the following has the greatest effect on product’s reliability and maintenance characteristic?

Explaining solutions to audience needs, C. Overcoming objections from the audience, D. Affirming the audience’s decision to “buy”. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. They can provide specialist support to larger companies.

Issuing work orders so that financial data can be collected. a. ______________ may be defined as the excess of present value of project cash inflows over that of out flows.

Answer (D) is correct. Industries producing complete articles for direct consumption & also processing industries are called as_______________. D. The board of directors holds the shareholders accountable. Someone legally appointed to resolve the financial difficulties of an insolvent firm is called____________. EDP (Entrepreneurship Development Programmes) is required to help: Q6.

Decisions which are concerned with policy matters and exercise fundamental influence on the objectives of the organization are called as____________. Five dimensions that must be managed on a project, (A) Constraint, Quality, Cost, Schedule, Staff, (B) Features, Quality, Cost, Schedule, Staff, (C) Features, priority, Cost, Schedule, Staff, (D) Features, Quality, Cost, Schedule, customer.

1. 29.

Senior management predefines the budget constraints.

The results of business activities are reflected in, Q8. C. their income tax rates are lower than those of corporations.

____________ is primarily concerned with the identification of the project demand potential and the selection of the optimal technology.