J'ai essayé de jouer avec vos sensi, c'est impossible chez moi Reply . Tous droits réservés. FaZe = average 2.13 sensitivity The maximum I reached is DMG. C'est minimum 800 en DPI, avec 10 comme sensi IG, Comment vous faîtes pour tourner la caméra vite en dessous C't une vraie question, Le 20 juin 2016 à 18:29:32 Azerhan a écrit : Ofc you will still have decent aim, but obviously we aren't talking about LEM/SUPs, we're talking about games against very good guys in which every detail matters. Je suis actuellement à 10 de sensibilité environ mais j'arrête pas de modifier car pas foutu de trouver quelque chose qui me va, parfois j'ai l'impression d'être trop rapide, parfois trop lent. Reply . Pour exemple, moi j'ai 1000 DPI dans mon driver souris, donc sur Windows aussi, et j'ai 6 dans Overwatch, je suis donc à 6000 DPI dans le jeu. I'm on mobile but I'll update this post later with relevant links so you know what I mean. Once I had a sensitivity from that I tweaked it so that when I was moving and trying to track an object I was always on target. Im shit but the best rifler ive ever seen in person (some random dude) used 2.2 at 400 dpi take it for what its worth. The latest installment to the Counter-Strike franchise maintains a healthy, ever-intensifying competitive scene alongside a growing casual playerbase. Unless it comes in diff sizes, There is no way windows mouse settings are 6/11 or mouse accel off, +1, best sens. eSport | Marre de chercher les informations ? if you change it often yeah you should take less time to be used to a sensitivty but you won't build any muscle memory at all. 125hz It's all about mouse shape, preferences, what grip you're using... even on what resolution are you playing. Le mis important est le teamplay et le placement (excepté pour les snipers). I can play with both on and off what's the difference? lol i have 1.6 sens IG it's easy to play, you just use your arm and elbow to play not your wrist, its a really good sens if you get used to it im using 400dpi 6/11 windows 1,3 sens. Used 400dpi 1.2 old mouse, 1.7 400 dpi is standard low sens.. 1.42 is pretty low tho. Probably you haven't saw guy with changed m_yaw with mouse accl. You cant even 360 noscope properly and do any trickshot, i have 1.05 500dpi we are both austistic tryhards ;(. lol'd hard at all fools above, who says about 360 noscope and "lower than 4 sens bots' loooooool google "right hand grip with your fingertips" LUL I thought that simple if you only change your sens 1 time every couple years it will take longer to become consistent than if you change it every few months. So I changed my sensi and for a few days I played really good with my new sensi and was very consistent but again after like 4 days or so I became inconsistent and again I changed my sensi and same thing happened all over again many times. Niko is a maniac, an absolute madman. I have 800x600, 1.06 sens, 6/11, 1000 HZ, 1000 dpi, m_yaw 0.0228, m_pitch 0.0228, you can type for example m_pitch .155 but it stays on m_pitch .022 (it's was unchangable, because cheaters could abuse it) :/ Sensitivity doesn't do much on consistency if you don't change it, but if you do you fuck up your aim and your flick potential. Si vous voulez savoir pk chercher c'est trop dur a expliquer :D, Sinon chaqu'un a sa sensi donc des qu'un gars dit je jor avec sa ou sa ba on s'en fou (all sensi given below are with 400 dpi) So firstly my first rank was silver elite (sens was 1.5) and then I ranked up to SEM after 38 more damn wins (not streak) and at that time my sensitivity was 1.8 (I only did awping at that time) I ranked up to gn1 after deranking from SEM to SE and vice versa.