CJA/X48 X58, Y62         Light burr maple package incl. Bed and - B6, 3.6L 415HP (911 Turbo 4WD (2002 model year)) C - the V8, 4.8L 570hp (the Panamera Exclusive the Series 2016 model year) Bed and - B6, 3.4L 330HP, (Cayman with the R 2012 model year), Boxster/ Cayman (981) To decode and get lookup of Porsche VIN history check ✅ enter it here: Porsche was founded in 1931. C - the V8, 4.8L 520HP (the Cayenne Turbo 2015 model year) YOUCANIC is a participant in the Amazon affiliate program. Chart for decode Porsche VIN. For drivers (Dads with kids) who want the exhilaration of a sports car but prefer ample rear seat passenger room, sports sedans are a popular choices, with cars like the BMW M3 or AMG C63 on top of most people’s list. 964 Carrera RS 3,8 Clubsport (3,8l 300PS) 12 Stück. D - B6, 3.8L 560HP (911 Turbo S / 911 the S Cabriolet Technical Turbo) I’m an enthusiastic car nut who geeks out over tuned supercars, obscure classic race cars, automotive memorabilia and just about anything else car related. Checking VIN you can find out: manufacturer, model, year of manufacture, engine type, factory manufacturing and remaining car specifications. We decided to create this guide to VIN, Engine and Transmission numbers for the 964 Porsche because we found it hard to get access to this information online. E - the V6, 3.0L 380HP + 52HP description electric (the Cayenne Hybrid with the S 2012 model year) 91 - 918 Spyder (code 918) (2013 ... ) X66 XE9. A - B6, 2.7L 275HP (Cayman) F - the V6, 3.0L 240HP Diesel (the Cayenne Diesel), Panamera (970) The numbers were changed around so a 5 in 1989 may not be the same as a 5 in 1994. to know the owner, whether car was in an accident, theft or a taxi. Our easy to use guide should help you find what you need quickly. J - 911G Turbo, compartment 98 - Cayman (code 987) (2005 ... 2012) 12 digit code for model years 1989, 1990 and 1991, 12 digit code for model years 1992 onwards. 101 N Haven St Suite 301 C - the Boxster, roadster A - B6, 3.8L 350HP (Targa 4) 911 recalled 58 times (274935 cars in sum of all recalls), received 86 complaints. B - B6, 3.4L 310HP (Boxster S / Boxster Spyder (with the 2010 model year)) Clearly the Tesla S is a sporty car with that ludicrous launch control and instantaneous torque. They don’t exist you say. In this case it will be a good idea to ask the vendor a few more questions on this. D - B6, 3.8L 500HP (911 Turbo (4WD) / 911 Turbo Cabriolet with the 2012 model year) D - B6, 3.6L 480HP (911 Turbo 4WD / 4WD 911 Turbo Cabriolet) A - L4, 2.5L 247HP (944 Turbo 1989 model year) Position eleven of the Porsche VIN is used to identify the assembly plant of the vehicle. A - V6, 3.6L 300HP Think Audi RS6 and E63 Estate and you’re talking about cars that can carry your dog and still have twin-turbocharged V8 engines and over 500hp. The first part of this appendix provides the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), engine and transmission code breakdowns. A - L4, 2.5L 147HP Bed and - B6, 3.6L 247HP (911 Carrera), 911 (996) E - B6, 3.6L 620HP ( 911 GT2 / 911 GT2 RS with the 2011 model year), 911 (991) The other two are represented by position 7 and 8 of the VIN. A - 928 S-4, coupe, with the 1990 model year, You will know more with the code if compare it with the visual examination. So, the residents can buy the cars that were manufactured specifically for this market. C - 944 S-2 Cabriolet, convertible, A - L4, 2.5L 188HP (944 S) B - 911 targa 4 (2WD) (997), Position 5 of the Porsche VIN identifies the engine type of the vehicle. The second position of the Porsche VIN pinpoints the manufacturer of the vehicle. The Tesla S is a beast. In this guide, you will find instructions on how to manually turn over a Porsche engine. A - B6, 2.9L 265hp (Cayman 2010 Model Year) F - V8, 4.8L 430HP (Panamera GTS with the 2014 model year), It is heating up. Compact and relatively affordable this is how most of us first experience the supercar bug in real life for ourselves. The Porsche VIN decoder will help you with finding the information about the country the vehicle was made, its technical specs and the year of manufacture. The one percenters. 17 digit number is easy to decode, look at the chart and relate the numbers. A - B6, 3.6L 345HP (Carrera / Carrera 4 / Carrera 4 Targa) Position 1. 98 - Boxster (code 986) (1997 ... 2004), Need the ultimate combination of space and room? Million-dollar price tags, no compromises, gorgeous design and unparalleled performance that can’t be beat.