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Excellent writing is one of the keys to success in many endeavors, including the practice of law. From the plaintiff’s side, this includes writing persuasive settlement demands, concise pleadings, and winning briefs.

Because writing is one of his passions, Andy spends many hours outside his office putting pen to paper (or, more accurately, fingers to keyboard). Since April 1992, Andy has been a columnist for the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce, a respected daily that has been in business over 100 years. Since 1993, Andy also has been a frequent contributor to Trial News, the monthly publication of the Washington State Trial Lawyers Association. His popular “Appellate Spotlight” columns consistently receive high marks from readers. Some of Andy’s practical tips features have been reprinted by trial lawyers associations in other states, including Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Kentucky and Missouri.

All in all, Andy estimates that he has over 325 published articles to his credit. Andy also wrote the thorough chapter on discovery in the Washington Motor Vehicle Accident Litigation Deskbook, which is published by the Washington State Bar Association as part of its highly respected Deskbook series.

Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce

This is where Andy’s “fun” column has appeared since 1992. Intended for non-lawyers, Andy picks a recent court case with interesting or unusual facts, removes most of the legalese, and winds up with a true-life story that informs and entertains. Here are links to some of Andy’s past columns:

Trial News

This is where Andy’s articles for other personal injury lawyers can be found. Andy’s “Appellate Spotlight” column highlights recent court cases whose holdings have practical implications for his fellow practitioners. Although No Doz might be advisable for non-lawyers, here are links to Andy’s most recent features: